How I got back into my teenage jeans 20 years later.

Casilda Carriles
4 min readMay 26, 2021

I’m 34, with 3 kids on my back. My body now is not even remotely similar to my body at 14, yet somehow, my 14 yo jeans fit me again. Don’t ask me why I’ve kept them unused in my wardrobe for so long, it’s mysteriously stupid and Marie Kondo would probably be in shock if she knew.

I feel happy about it, it makes me feel good, like in some way I’m closer to a younger version of me. Im a better person and a better professional. I’d like you to feel the same, so if you’re in for a ride, keep on reading.

Here is the trick: the body is the least important part of it all. How it looks or the size we wear are a reflection of something deeper going on inside us. This is not a story on how to cut carbs or sugars. This is a story of self development, persistence, patience and willpower.

This story started on many occasions. So many times had I downloaded a fitness app, paid a nutritionist and committed to losing 10kg by the summertime. So many fails, inconsistent habits, frustrations, binge eating, stress and anxiety… you’ve probably been there too.

Why did this new beginning stick, and showed me a side on myself that I didn’t know? Because the intention and focus went beyond changing my body. The focus this time around has been to change myself. It is dangerous to embark on a weight loss and fitness trip with the sole purpose of looking better, as it is a futile way to justify such a level of self-discipline.

So, the why is the first step of the ladder. Why are you doing this? When the why is clear and solid, a boost of motivation runs through your body like electricity. It’s exciting, and it actually means you’re halfway there already.

Now is when self development, persistence, patience and willpower come into play. I will break them down a bit, to see why these traits are so important:

- Self development: this is a journey where my old me has evolved into a new version of me that can identify a balanced diet, and a good and healthy way to nourish my body. My new me can now do push ups and burpees, run, do yoga, barre… so many things. These are all new to me, and I’ve spent a big amount of energy investing in self development to learn and do new things. I recommend you spend time reading…